Living in Shepherdstown WV

Events in Shepherdstown

Events in Shepherdstown

Living in Shepherdstown WV

Shepherdstown, West Virginia is the oldest town in all of West Virginia and one of the oldest towns in all of America. It is some 90 minutes away from the Washington DC area for an easy commute to the capitol, but still has a cozy small town feel. There are many homes for sale in Shepherdstown WV, and with such a beautiful city to live in, who wouldn’t want to call Shepherdstown home?

If you are looking to indulge your culinary side or do some leisurely shopping then look no further than German street in Downtown Shepherdstown. German street houses many restaurants with delicious cuisine to eat on a date night, or for a relaxing mid day lunch. German street is also home to many local shops that will sell you a piece of Shepherdstown life, or anything else you need. The stores along German street offer items ranging from crafts to fine clothing. With the vast array of goods available on German street you will never need to go anywhere else to get your shopping done!

Are you searching for a fine arts scene? Well look no further than the local movie theater on German street for an evening show. Or are you more interested in seeing a play on stage? Then come and see the Contemporary American Theater Festival which offers acclaimed performances for all to see. Or, if you are looking for some live classical music then check out the local Shepherdstown University for their wonderful musical performances. If you are looking for art, the local shops along German street offer a wide range of the art work that is available locally in Shepherdstown.

Shepherdstown is teaming with local history as well. Buildings all over town were built before the Revolutionary War and have been standing since. Shepherdstown was also an important part of the Revolutionary War with General Washington calling on Shepherdstown residents to join him in the fight against the British. Come and see the monument to James Rumsey along the Potomac river. Rumsey was a friend of George Washington and the first man to ever pilot a steam boat. And only five minutes down the road you will find the sight of Antietam, the bloodiest battle in the Civil War.

If you are looking for a place that is close to the city, but still has a small town feel, then look no further than a home in Shepherdstown, West Virginia. Shepherdstown has a thriving local art scene with enough music, theater, and creative art to enthrall any lover of the arts. Along with that there is a great shopping and dining district right in the heart of town to settle anyone’s need for a date night without having to go all the way to the city. And to add to that Shepherdstown is an important piece of American history with buildings that have been around since the birth of our nation.

If you are looking for a great place to live than look no further than homes for sale in Shepherdstown WV.

Living in Shepherdstown WV

Now You Can Have a Home in West Virginia for the Whole Family

Now You Can Have a Home in West Virginia for the Whole Family


Now You Can Have a Home in West Virginia for the Whole Family

One of the greatest things about buying a home in West Virginia is the wonderful family atmosphere.  In some rural areas, there is not much for smaller children to do, but when you purchase your property in West Virginia you can rest assured that your little ones will be far from bored.  There are so many different activities and events for every child’s different personality that the only complaining you will hear is from making them choose just one adventure.  Bring your toddler along while hunting for your next home so you will get an idea of the community from their perspective.

Do you have an active child?  Take a trip to one of the area’s Monkey Joe’s.  There is one in Hagerstown, MD and one in Winchester, VA.  Each location is approximately 30 minutes to an hour drive.  Monkey Joe’s is full of moon bounces that allow children ages newborn to twelve years old burn off some of their energy.  There are toddler areas designated for children three and under, where younger children can gain a better grasp on their motor skills.  The structures are sanitized, there is camera monitoring, and children and parents wear matching wrist bands to keep everyone safe during play.  Keep a look out, and you might even spot the big purple Monkey Joe himself walking around for hugs and pictures.  While the kids play, relax in the adult lounge offering computer stations, free wireless internet, flat screen TVs, and massage chairs.  Make sure you bring a pair of socks, whether you walk in or are joining a birthday party.

Does your child like to learn new things?  Check out the Nature Zone at JayDee’s Family Fun Center in Inwood.  It features seven rooms with different themes.  The Light and Color Room teaches children about how the eye perceives light and color with the use of fiber optics, mirrors, and kaleidoscopes.  The Air and Water Room features a water table and organ pipes. The Rocks and Vegetation Room includes a fun little house where children can “plant” flowers in the window boxes among other gardening and rock identification games. Let you children build with magnetic toys and create their own constellations in the Solar System, Gravity and Magnetism Room. In the Bird, Fish and Shells Room kids can climb through the pretend tree to go out the gate where you might catch a glimpse of some of the area’s native birds.  Don’t miss the real working bee hive in the Animal and Insects Room after you enjoy making realistic animal footprints in the sand. In the Garden Room get up close and personal with some feathered friends, turtles, and fish or explore the cave of fluorescent rocks.  On site there is also a fitness center, water park, arcade and jungle gym, go karts, miniature golf, batting cages, and the Mining Co.

Is your child an observer?  Maybe they have a great sense of humor?  Then Wonderment Puppet Theater in Martinsburg is a great place to try out.  Joe Santoro, a local elementary school art teacher, has been working with puppets since 1990 and opened the theater in March of 2008.  The theater offers birthday parties and school field trips.  With a puppet store and hands on exhibits, this is a great stop for young children.  Shows start every Saturday and Sunday at 12 noon and 2 PM.  Currently playing until March 3rd is “Puss in Boots”.  “Peter Rabbit” shows from March 16th through June 2nd.  June 15th through August 25th is “Cinderella Soc Hop.”  Coming new September through November is “3 Billys Goat Gruff.”  In December is “The Nutty Nutcracker.”

One of the area’s best-kept secrets is the Little House in Shepherdstown.  Many drive past it wondering, “Is that a real house?”  Although it has no running water, it was built in 1929 by Shepherd College for student teachers to do observations in a controlled setting.  The house includes five rooms, each with five and a half foot ceilings, standing at a total of ten feet tall and nine and a half feet wide.  The house is filled with furniture scaled to the house, which is the perfect size for toddlers and elementary-aged children.  Even smaller adults may find this a tight squeeze, so make sure your toddler is accompanied by an older child or friend.  It is typically decorated during the holiday season.  You can go explore it by calling or visiting the Shepherdstown Visitors Center.

If you are visiting the area from out of town these are all great places for your younger children to visit.  Get out their energy, feed their hunger for knowledge, and let them laugh.  You may even find inspiration for your next home by watching how your child plays in the Little House.  Let us help you in your real estate search through West Virginia, so you can visit these great attractions year round. WV real estate has never been a better buy.

Homes for sale in Shepherdstown WV

baldeagle A lot of people are looking for homes for sale in Shepherdstown WV. While looking at the various sites they may wonder what is going on around Shepherdstown WV. Every year around this time Bald Eagles are laying eggs. Fortunately there is a camera at the National Conservation Training center in Shepherdstown that will let you actually watch the Bald Eagles as they expand their family. This camera actually takes you inside a Bald Eagles nest. The parents do not know it but they have become celebrities. People all over the country are watching the Bald Eagles. You do not have to be looking for homes around Shepherdstown to watch this as you can see it on your computer. You can watch the eagles nest, lay eggs, watch the young grow up and then leave the nest. The eagle cam is a great learning tool for children. The adult eagles will often return to the nest year after year. This experience will teach about the Bald Eagles, what they eat, how they go and hunt, and how they take care of their young You can watch the Bald Eagles at

And remember while you may be looking at Shepherdstown events today, you can always look for homes for sale in Shepherdstown WV on the website

Events in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia

events in the eastern panhandle

events in the eastern panhandle Events in the Eastern Panhandle of West Virginia

While searching for real estate in West Virginia, make sure you check out some of the upcoming local events in the Eastern Panhandle. The Martinsburg Mall has great holiday events as well as a local home show.  You can participate or just go to watch as Shepherdstown helps to break a Guinness World Record.  Stop in and have one of our West Virginia realtors give you more information about homes for sale in West Virginia.  Bring the whole family.

February 13th and 14th are great days to stop in to finish shopping for your sweetheart.  Martinsburg Mall is hosting the Be Mine! Valentine’s Craft Show.  There is an array of vendors with lots of goodies in every price range for both women and men including gifts for the kids too.  The event is located near the gazebo area of the mall.

During March 8-10, be sure to check out the Builders Association Home Show.  Admission is free.  This is a great place to go during your home shopping process.  Here you can shop among over 100 exhibits to find banks and lenders, builders, remodelers, landscapers, heating and air conditioning contractors, and more to assist you with making your new home perfect.  There are seminars scheduled for every day and a silent auction.

Looking for something for the kids to do?  The Easter Bunny arrives at the Martinsburg Mall on March 16th and is available for photos.  On March 23rd, the mall will hold the Children’s Day Bunny Bonanza.  Held by Operation Tadpole, here you can register your child for Berkeley County Pre-Kindergarten.  Your children will love all of the free activities, including: moon bounces, pony rides, puppet shows, crafts, and music and movement presentations.

Once you have found your new home, you might still be missing something.  On April 20th at the Martinsburg Mall, you can pick out a new friend during the Berkeley County Humane Society Pet Adoption.  This event runs from 10 AM to 3 PM.  You can also bring in donations to benefit the local shelter at this time.

Also on April 20th at 11 AM, attend the Great Cloth Diaper Change at the Train Station in Shepherdstown, where hopefully you will witness history as the Guinness World Record for simultaneously changing the largest number of babies into a cloth diaper at once will be broken.  If you have a child who will be less than 39 inches tall, you can participate.  There will be prizes, food, and goodie bags.  This is a great event, giving you the opportunity to explore the Shepherdstown area.  For more information or to register to participate, follow this link.

Try to make it to one of these local events in the Eastern Panhandle, and get a taste of what it is like to purchase property in West Viginia.

Events in the Eastern Panhandle WV

Preparing to Buy a House

preparing to buy a house

preparing to buy a house Are you thinking of purchasing a new house?  If you have not been through the process before, getting prepared should be your first step.  Before finding an agent, you should be sure to do your real estate homework.  You will need to find out financial information and explore the area you would like to move to.  After that, join us here at Liberty Realty to pick out your new home.

First, in preparing to buy a house, you should research the area you have chosen.  Take a drive and explore everything there is to offer.  This will help you decide if this region is a good fit for your family.  Check out all of the local reports of school figures, crime incident percentages, and neighborhood ratings.  These are all important things to know before moving to a new area.

Next, you will search for a lender.  What does a lender do?  They will go over your finances to get a monthly budget and decide upon a price range for your mortgage.  They will also run a credit check to see if there are any threats to your credit score.  Some lenders will even give you tips to help you get your credit back on track if it needs some repairing or just boost your scores to get a better interest rate.  There are also three different types of lenders: mortgage bankers, mortgage brokers, and wholesale lenders.

Finally, you will choose an agent.  Research the area’s real estate teams to understand the price range of their homes.  Once finding the right team, ask them for their top agents.  Have an interview with them to make sure you are comfortable.  It is great to have an agent that will explain anything you do not understand and will be able to answer questions that might come up.  Having an agent that is knowledgeable about the communities is also necessary.  You will want to know where you can go to get ice cream or where you can shop for special occasions.

Once you are prepared, give The Linda Kilroy Team  a call here at ERA Liberty Realty to discuss your wants and needs for your next home.  We have great agents in Charles Town and Martinsburg who are knowledgeable about the area and can help choose the perfect community for you and your family.  Don’t forget, it is never too early to start preparing for your next home.

Preparing to Buy a House

Buying a Home in the Eastern Panhandle


Buying a Home in the Eastern Panhandle

Looking for a new place to live?  Why buy in West Virginia, you ask?  There are many reasons to call Jefferson County, Berkeley County, or Morgan County your home.  There is really something for everyone.  These counties are conveniently located for commuters.  There are many different home styles for varying tastes.  Come give us a visit, and see why you should buy in West Virginia.

If you have a family with small children, you may enjoy a visit to Ridgefield Farm in the fall for Pumpkinfest or during December to pick out a Christmas tree.  If you like the nightlife, you might take pleasure in the Hollywood Casino at Charles Town Races or one of the many quiet restaurants or bars.  There are newer shopping plazas and various grocery stores to choose from.  Those seeking adventure in the outdoors will take comfort to know that there is bike trail running along W. VA Route 9 from Charles Town/Ranson to Martinsburg as well as activities at River Riders, where you can ride down the Potomac and Shenandoah Rivers or test your athleticism at the Adventure Park.

Many of those deciding to live in these counties travel for work.  There is a Marc station that travels to Washington D.C. conveniently located in Shenandoah Junction.  In Berkeley County, there is easy access to I81 and I70, while Jefferson County has the convenience of Route 340 leading to I270.  If you prefer to stay away from the busy interstates, there are also less busy routes and some back country roads with beautiful scenery and some breathtaking views during all seasons.  Take a drive through, and you may spot your next home.

Whether you need a single family home with lots of land or a townhome that comes with grounds keeping included, the area has it all.  Here, you will find farms, houses, townhomes, and apartments – even the occasional log cabin.  There are historical homes with beautiful architecture inside and out as well as new construction dwellings of all types.  There are also plenty of commercial property options to choose from for your store front or office.  You can be as picky as you like and still find somewhere to call home.

These are only some of the things you can expect to find when you buy in West Virginia.  You may be surprised by the limitless things there are to do and see in the beautiful counties of Berkeley, Jefferson, and Morgan.  At Liberty Realty, we can help you find your next dream home.

Buying a Home in the Eastern Panhandle