1517 Festival 2016

1517 Festival 2016

As the entire state knows, the devastating floods that ravaged the lower half of West Virginia have been testing the limits of everyone’s will-power. Between the relief efforts, and the manpower used to help evacuate the counties in need the times have been tough. The efforts of the brave men and women cannot be praised enough!

There have been many events going on to help those people in need, and also, lots of upcoming events will be donating some of their proceeds to the flood victims. One such of these events will be held right in our own backyard, in a little town chalked full of history!

Shepherdstown WV will be hosting The 1517 Festival – Renaissance Fair tomorrow Saturday the 15th. The event will take place all across town, up and down main street, even venturing up into the campus of Shepherd University right off of King Street.

1517 Festival 2016

On the steps of Knutti Hall, located right behind the infamous McMurran Hall and “the wall“, the troupe The Rude Mechanicals will be preforming a mystery play: “The Healing of the Blind Man”. While on the lawn of the Hall there will be historic longsword fencing and social dancing of the 15th Century in the mid afternoon.

Throughout the day there will be various events taking place. Here is a summed up list of some of the events around town:

7am to 11am – Pancake Breakfast provided by New Street United Methodist Church

10am to 2pm – Open House with Historic Tour and refreshments at New Street UMC

11:30am to 2:30pm – Medieval Apothecary Tincture & Tea at Tonic Herb Shop at 140 E German St, at the end of the block.

11:30am, 12:30pm, and 1:3opm – Children’s Story, at the children’s area, by Four Seasons Books

Don’t forget to visits the Main Stage  for all your 15th Century musical needs. All day will feature musical stylings from the era with various instruments and vocal talents. On the Acoustic Stage will play a more Celtic style of music.
Admission is FREE, just bring money for all the creative crafts and yummy food provided by all the local shoppes! As a reminder, all proceeds made by church sales and food will be donated directly to the West Virginia Flood Relief effort.

Can’t Wait To See You There at the 1517 Festival 2016!