Jefferson County WV: John Brown History

Jefferson County WV: John Brown History

Jefferson County WV: John Brown History
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Everything You Need to Know about John Brown in Jefferson County

Jefferson County WV: John Brown History – Are you a history buff? Then you’re in luck! Jefferson County is known for being a hub for all things history in the United States. In particular, Jefferson County is the location of much of the history surrounding John Brown.

Who was John Brown? And what did he do?

John Brown was a white American abolitionist who led a raid on the Harpers Ferry armory. His hope was to arm slaves so they could escape and become freed men. In 1859, he and a group of men attacked the armory and engaged in a battle that unfortunately did not have a successful ending. Locals had been tipped off about his plans and cornered he and his men (many of whom were slaves) in the armory.

What happened after the raid?

After the Marines and General Lee surrounded the armory, Brown refused to surrender and the armory doors were battered in. Brown and some of his men were captured and put in jail until a trial declared them guilty. They were sentenced to hang in December of 1859.

What still remains?

You can visit the armory in Harpers Ferry to see where the raid took place. In Charles Town, you’ll find the location of John Brown’s hanging, which is situated on the corner of Samuel and Hunter streets.

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Jefferson County WV: John Brown History